“The State Bank of Newburg is a locally owned and independent bank controlled by community stockholders. We are very comfortable banking with the State Bank of Newburg because decisions are made with local community members who know the customers on a first name basis, we aren’t just a number. Decisions are made on a local level, not a corporate board in a worldwide market.”

-Bob Roden, Dairy Farmer

“My Dad opened me a savings account with the State Bank of Newburg back in 1964. I know everybody here and they all know me. Jack was willing to borrow me money and take a chance on me. The only reason I have what I have is because of this bank. It’s a bank everyone should try once.”

-Charlie Schmidt

“I have been a customer of the State Bank of Newburg for over the past 30 years. When I needed the help the bank was willing to go out on a limb for me even though it didn’t come out on paper. The flexibility at the State Bank of Newburg is the biggest thing that separates them from other banks.”

-James Fahney, Independent Contractor